We are specialized in acid-resistant and stainless steels.
In order to provide the best solution for our customers we essentially use calcium-alloyed steels from primary material.

Drop-forging devices

Our range of manufacturing consists of drop-forging devices up to 170 mm diameter and a unit weight of up to 6.5 kg

Procedure of manufacturing

Procedure of manufacturing

Drop-forging is a hot press transformation in order to manufacture forging devices.


In discussion with the customer for every product a detailed drawing is to be made.


The in sticks delivered steel will be cut sawing and scissoring in uniform devices. The height of the pieces results from the to forging device.


In inductions furnaces the workpiece is to bring on the necessary transformation temperature.


The essential transformation results from the forging in the forging press.


The forging devices are to be cooled according to steel grade in the open air or in water.

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How you can find us

  • By car on the motorway A45
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  • 1 km after Hagen-Dahl you find us
  • A place to park your car can be found behind the last production hall